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The INS Vikrant R-11 is more than a ship, it's a symbol of national pride, a reminder of India's indomitable spirit during the Indo-Pak war of 1971. This maritime marvel, India's first aircraft carrier, has been engraved in our nation's heart, etching stories of bravery and patriotism.

Its disassembly was not an end but a transformation. The former crew, bound by their deep emotional connection to the ship, quickly procured its remaining scrap. Thanks to their dedication, and with the resourcefulness of the acclaimed artist Arzan Khambatta, the Bangalore Watch Company, and, this rare material finds new life in our exclusive INS Vikrant R-11 Collection.

This extraordinary collection presents five bespoke phygital sculptures of the INS Vikrant R-11, meticulously crafted by Khambatta. The vivid details and intricate design of each sculpture embody the ship's majesty and historical significance. Alongside these sculptures, the collection boasts a distinctive series of 70 limited-edition watches. Each timepiece eatures a piece of the celebrated warship's anchor chain on the dial, making these watches not just instruments of time, but carriers of history.

Welcome to the INS Vikrant R-11 Collection - a tribute to our national heritage, a fusion of history and artistry, and a testament to the timeless resilience of the Indian spirit.

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Arzan Khambatta's R11 sculptures are made to order custom masterpieces, sculpted using the historic remnants of the INS Vikrant. Each curve and contour speaks of the warship's legacy, while catering to contemporary aesthetics. Handcrafted and unique, each sculpture is a conversation starter, an art piece, and a testament to India's maritime pride.


Your NFT is both a digital collectible and a certificate of authenticity. By owning it, you secure a right not only to claim the sculpture but also to tailor it through direct discussions with Arzan. Simply put, the NFT bridges your digital ownership to a tangible, customized masterpiece. View it anytime on Crossmint.


Mumbai-born artist Arzan Khambatta, an architect turned sculptor, discovered his passion for sculpting at a young age. After earning a bachelor's in architecture, he has spent the last three decades as an artist, reusing and reimagining scrap from junkyards. Working with fresh sheets of metal, Arzan's artistry involves filing, bending, moulding, cutting, welding, and burning, resulting in striking and dramatic creations - from surging rivers of lava to spiralling flaming planets in space. Employing light and shadow, he skilfully accentuates nuances and moods in his masterpieces.  

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